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Here’s a game idea for adding and subtracting




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Title – 10 second math – addition/subtraction
By – Deb Lloyd
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 3-4
This game is played with 3 players. Teacher preparation – The teacher provides a square piece of paper with 50 2cmx2cm blank boxes. The students fill in all the boxes with any numbers from 1-100. They cut out the boxes and place them in a container.
The first student has a calculator, the second has the container, a pencil and a scoring pad and the third student tries to work out the answer if two numbers drawn out were added together.
How to play – one student draws out two numbers from the container, one student works out the answer on a calculator and the last student has 10 seconds to mentally work out the answer. The student doing mental computations keeps having consecutive turns until she makes a mistake – play is then passed to the next student. For every correct answer the person scoring makes a tally mark. At the end of 10-15 minutes the student who has the most tally marks wins the game.
Variation – subtraction. The smallest number subtracted from the largest number.

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