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Coloring pages are included in this child’s first factoring lesson


Art, Math  


K, 1  

Title – Beginning To Factor
By – Elizabeth Cadle
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Art
Grade Level – K-1


    Factoring is an easy part of learning math and gaining familiarity with numbers. This can begin at any time throughout the course of a student(s) education.

Standards Addressed:

    Basic Mathematical Comprehension


  • Crayons
  • Arrow Worksheets


  1. Make your own template, it should have four arrows, one for each direction of the page.

      In this case with the number “8” written in the joint center (where the arrows should connect) and the number “2” written at all four ends. The arrows should be wide enough for coloring.A second page should be made the same way without the number “2” written, allowing space for them to write it.


  1. Ask them to color the number eight page, using one crayon for two arrows and another for the other two.
  2. Ask them how many colors they used.

    They now know which number to write in the blank squares on the corresponding worksheet.

  3. Use the same directions for the number sixteen, except with four crayons.


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