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After discussing infinity and Faberge, students decorate paper Easter eggs in this idea demonstrating the “infinite” possibilities of human imagination


Art, Math  


3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Easter Egg Infinity Activity
By – Antionette B. Kimball
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject – Art
Grade Level – 3-6 


      For math class at Easter time, encourage thinking about infinity in a concrete manner.
    Here are some concrete examples of infinity:

    • A new song could be written by someone every day – forever (as long as mankind exists, which is hopefully forever).
    • A new book could be written every day – forever.
    • Designing is infinite – change one line and you have a new design, as in architecture, art, material, wallpaper, etc.
    • Recipes may be infinite.
    • Colors may be infinite.
Infinity seems to be a process. You can add one, and keep adding one – that’s how infinity is done.


      At Easter time, try to prove this theory to your students by introducing them to eggs.
  • Start with a book, magazine, catalogue, or a movie on Karl Fabergé. Discuss Fabergé eggs, including the location and value of his collections, etc.


  • Then move on to paper eggs
    • Make a blank paper egg, about 2″ x 4.” Trace as many as possible on one sheet of paper and roughly cut out as many as possible, one untrimmed egg for each student at least.
    • The students are then free to make designs on their eggs and finish cutting them out. Their designs could be anything – their imaginations are wonderful – not just designs, but pictures and stories and wild dragons, or just designs – different designs.
    • Place all eggs in a paper basket in an outside hallway and encourage students to try and find any two that looked alike.

Final Notes:

  • Students really like this lesson. Often months later, a student will approach me and tell me he saw an “egg” in the museum or in the store, etc.
  • For a while, I also “colored” an egg for each student (about 150) when Dudley’s made a wonderful oil coloring dye, but I don’t think that is available now.
  • All students seem to enjoy this lesson on infinity.

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