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Math Egg Wrap


Art, Math  


3, 4, 5  

By – Melanie Roberts



Students will explore circumference, measurement, and estimation with an interactive activity.



small blown-up balloon




Skill: Students will determine the circumference of the balloon (by measuring the diameter and using the equation “circumference= D times pi”) and then use that information to estimate how much yarn they will need to go around the balloon x amount of time.



  1. Students measure diameter of balloon using a centimeter ruler and determine its circumference. Estimate how many times the yarn should be wrapped around the egg to almost cover it up. Cut a piece of yarn that is about that length.
  2. Dip the yarn into some glue and wrap it around the balloon in a random manner.
  3. After the glue dries completely, pop the balloon with a pin and carefully pull it out of the egg shape. The egg that remains will look as if it is spun from yarn.
  4. Tie yarn at the top and hang the eggs in your classroom for decoration prior to Easter.


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