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Students create their own “Chica Chica 123” book here about counting by tens


Art, Language Arts, Math  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Chica Chica 123

By – Michelle

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects – Art, Language Arts

Grade Level – K-2

Core Curriculum Standards and Objectives:


    • Reading-Narrative Text

      R.NT.01.03 identify problem/solution, sequence of events, and sense of story (beginning, middle, and end).

      R.NT.01.05 respond to individual and multiple texts by finding evidence, discussing, illustrating, and/or writing to reflect, make connections, take a position, and/or show understanding.

    • Comprehension

      R.CM.01.04 applies significant knowledge from grade-level science, social studies, and mathematics texts.

    • Reading Attitude

      R.AT.01.01 is enthusiastic about reading and learning how to read.

    • Handwriting

      W.HW.01.01 legibly writes upper and lower case manuscript letters.

    • Listening and Viewing

      L.CN.01.03 listen to or view knowledgeably while demonstrating appropriate social skills of audience behaviors (e.g., eye contact, attentive, supportive) in small and large group settings; listen to the comments of a peer and respond on topic adding a connected idea.

      L.RP.01.03 respond to multiple text types listened to or viewed knowledgeably, by discussing, illustrating, and/or writing in order to reflect, make meaning, and make connections.


    • Number and Operations

      N.ME.01.01 Count to 110 by 1’s, 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s, starting from any number in the sequence; count to 500 by 100’s and 10’s; use ordinals to identify position in a sequence, e.g., 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

      N.ME.01.02 Read and write numbers to 110 and relate them to the quantities they represent.


    Understanding of counting by ten’s, using scissors, glue and following directions.


    Day 1:

    • Chicka Chicka 123

      by Bill Martin, Jr
    • Scissors and one marker
    • Tree leaves cut outs
    • Brown and red construction paper

    • Mathomosis

    • Apple and tree trunk stencils
    • Math folder

    Day 2:

    • Math folder,

    • Chicka Chicka 123

      by Bill Martin, Jr
    • 11 various colors of construction paper
    • Cut out from day one
    • Glue

    • Mathomosis


    Day 3:

    • Chicka Chicka 123

      by Bill Martin, Jr.
    • Math Folder
    • Marker
    • Writing Dictionary

    • Mathomosis



    Three days – about forty-five minutes


    Children will gain an understanding of counting by tens from 10 up to 200. Children will also gain the ability to re-tell a story in a different form. Children will learn to follow specific directions.


    Day 1

    1. Call children to circle,
    2. Read book

      Chicka Chicka 123

      to children at circle time,
    3. Review counting by tens up to one hundred (2X).
    4. Explain to children that we are going to count up to 200 by tens.
    5. Count by tens up to two hundred, four times.
    6. Play song #2 on


    7. Count with song (2X).
    8. Explain to children that we will be making a book that represents the concepts of apples climbing a tree like in the book

      Chicka Chicka 123

    9. Ask children to go to paper table and get some tree leaf cutouts and brown, red, and green construction paper. Along with a tree trunk and an apple stencil.
    10. Monitor that children are getting all stuff needed.
    11. Ask children to put the tree trunk stencil and brown paper on desk along with a pencil.
    12. Let children trace ten tree trunks and cut them out.
    13. Ask children to place the tree trunks and leaves (already cut out) in math folder.
    14. Now with the red and green paper, ask children to trace twenty apples (colors of their choice).
    15. Let children cut them out.
    16. Once all children have them cut out, they need to write numbers 10 – 200 (one number on each apple).
    17. Ask children to place the apples in their math folder and put it away as we continue this project tomorrow during Math.

    Day 2

    1. Call children to carpet.
    2. Read book

      Chicka Chicka 123

      by Bill Martin, Jr.
    3. Review counting by 10’s up to 200 (2X).
    4. Ask students to go back to their desk and pull out math folder.
    5. Ask that they pull out a tree trunk, some leaves, two apples and a piece of paper.
    6. Ask students to get glue sticks,
    7. Have students glue one tree trunk, a few leaves (to look like a tree), and two apples 10 and 20 to that page.
    8. Do page 2 with them however ask what two apples go next.
    9. Let children continue with this in correct number order until finished (see differentiation).
    10. While children are working, play


    11. Once all children are done, ask them to put their name on all pages and put project back into their math folder to finish tomorrow during Math.

    Day 3

    1. Call children to carpet,
    2. Read

      Chicka Chicka 123

      by Bill Martin, Jr.
    3. Review counting by tens up to 200 (2X).
    4. Discuss that today we will be finishing our books, In which case we need to write the number words on our pages,
    5. Review what number words we used in this book.
    6. Count up to 200 by tens again.
    7. Ask children what book they could use to find the CORRECT spelling of the number words (stress correct spelling).
    8. Answer is “writing dictionary”.
    9. Ask students to go back to their desk and get math folder, marker, and writing dictionary out, then sit quietly until all are ready.
    10. Have children put pages in order from 10-200.
    11. Teacher staples book on top corner.
    12. Together as a group, do page one and two together.
    13. On white board write the spelling of ten and twenty (on white board draw a picture of a tree with two apples on it [10, 20] and on one page write the words ten and twenty).
    14. Let children finish up to 200.
    15. Once complete, hand in to math box on back table for teacher review.


    While at circle time, if children are not getting the concept of counting by tens after a number of times, recommended doing it a few more times. As children are working independently on project, teacher walks around room and helps children who may need it. Day 2 – do project when parapro or student assistant is in classroom.


    Once children have completed project, they will turn it into to the math bucket. Teacher will review and write notes from observation time in order to communicate with parent/guardian the child’s level of counting and ability to follow directions. Teacher will also look at neatness of writing, cutting and gluing. Hold this project for piece to discuss at conferences.




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