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This lesson is on Multiplication Facts with the Numbers 3, 6, 7, and 9


Art, Math  


3, 4  

Title – Multiplication Facts
By – Jennifer Dalke
Subject – Math, Art
Grade Level – 3 – 4
**Note – This lesson plan uses some handout(s) that are not available, however, much of the lesson plan can be completed without the handout(s).
Lesson 7: Activities with ‘3’s, ‘6’s, ‘7’s, & ‘9’s – Self-Evaluations
Day Ten

Illinois State Goals

Performance Objectives
A, B, G, H, I, J

— Velcro times table
— ‘3’s WS
— ‘X-mart Order Forms’
— Hundred Charts
— Plastic baggies filled with cut-outs
— Self-Evaluation WS

Anticipatory Set
I will tell the children that this will be the last day of our multiplication unit. So, in order to finish up, we need to fill in the remaining squares on our times table. To do this, I have set up 4 learning centers in which students will study ‘3’s, ‘6’s, ‘7’s, and ‘9’s. Manipulatives, paper, and pencils will be available at each center. Each student will spend about 10-15 minutes working at each center.

Guided Practice
1. I will divide the students into 5 groups. Each group will go to a center, and the remaining group will be at a table with me.
2. I will explain go through each center, explaining what they will need to do at each center:

‘3’s- Students will need to complete the worksheet that covers each ‘3’ fact. There will be a variety of manipulatives available to work with. If they finish early, they can make up their own ‘3’s problems on the back of the worksheet.
‘6’s- Students should take one ‘X-Mart Order Form’ worksheet each. I will have a variety of items placed on the table, labeled with price tags. Each item will cost $6.00. Students should complete the order forms, writing which items they would like to ‘buy,’ and how much it will cost for the number they are buying. If they finish early, they may complete the spaces for ‘total items’ and ‘grand total cost.’
‘7’s- Each student should take one ‘Hundreds Chart’ worksheet. Using crayons, they should count by 7’s, coloring in the multiples of 7. If they finish early, they may take another sheet and count off by another number of their choice.
‘9’s- Each student should take a plastic bag that is filled with 12 cut out pieces of paper. They should also take one piece of construction paper. The paper cutouts are pieces to a puzzle. One side will complete a picture, and the other side will complete the answers to the ‘9’s multiplication facts. Students should try to complete the puzzle using the fact side, only using the picture side to check for accuracy. When they have completed the puzzles correctly, they should glue them to the construction paper so that the fact side is showing.
My table- The students that are with me will complete a multiplication self-assessment. When they have finished, I will pose different problems to the students so that I can see how each student is progressing.

3. I will set a timer for every 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, students are to change centers QUIETLY. They should leave their work, with their names on it, in the bins at each table.

Individual Practice
***I will give the students the appropriate time to visit each center.***

I will send the students back to their desks and I will have 4 students pass out the work from each bin to the appropriate child. Going through each number, I will call on children to help me fill in the blank boxes on the Velcro times table. When we have finished, I will explain that we are finished with our unit, and we will be using what we have learned throughout the year so that, eventually, they will know all of the multiplication facts by heart.

— I will observe the students to see that they are actively participating in the learning centers.
— I will conduct conferences with all of the children, making notes on their abilities and progress.
— I will collect all of the work from the centers and check for 100% accuracy.
— I will check to see that each child has completed a self-evaluation with appropriate responses.

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