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Here’s an idea for a Holiday Calendar to countdown to Christmas (or other events)


Art, Math  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Holiday Count Down
By – Carole
Subject – Math, Art
Grade Level – K-2
If you are tired of making red and green rings to count down the day until Christmas, I have an alternative.

Make copies of a December blackline calendar. Put a special holiday sticker on the 25th box. Using a yellow marker for K students, write in some or all of the numbers in the correct boxes. Older students can complete the calendar alone. Color the top or add your own art. Glue the calendar onto a large piece of construction paper. Students can cross off each day as they go to bed and they will know when it is Christmas Eve! I made an extra and laminated it for use in my Kindergarten class, during the calendar time. The students are counting down and they love having their own calendars. We intend to do this every month! Enjoy.

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