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This “Shape Ship” geometric art project also teaches the concepts of slide, turn, and flip


Art, Math  


2, 3  


Title – Shape Ship
By – Laurie Johns
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subject – Art Grade Level – 2-3

Concept / Topic To Teach: Geometric shapes, flip, turn, and slide

General Goal(s): Students will create an art project where they can recognize shapes and angles, and demonstrate slides, turns, and flips.


      Students will be able to recognize and identify obtuse, right and acute angles.


    Students will be able to identify and demonstrate slide, flips and turns

Required Materials:

      construction paper (light blue, dark blue, yellow, brown, white, and black)




      glue stick


      1 Popsicle stick




      1 brad

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): Teacher would have previously covered angles, shapes, and slide, flip, turn. This is an art related project to show understanding.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

      Teacher will show a pre-made model to the children.


      The children then cut out wavy water from dark blue paper and glue it onto light blue paper.


      Next have them cut out a


      from the yellow paper (sun), then put a brad through the middle, and attach it some place in the sky of the light blue paper. Take the marker and draw a happy face on the sun. This will make it easy to see the “


      Next have the kids cut out a

right triangle

      from the white paper (sail).


      Cut out a skinny


      from black paper (mast).


      Cut out a


      shape from brown paper (boat).


      Glue the boat onto the Popsicle stick, then attach the mast and sail.


      Fold the sail at the right angle side so the sail will “


      ‘ back and forth.


      Cut a slit across the border where the dark blue sea meets the sky.


      Insert the Popsicle stick to show the boat “


      When completed, have the kids name and demonstrate


      the sail,


      the sun, and


      the boat.


      Have them name and identify the various shapes used in the picture (triangle, circle, trapezoid).


      Have them name and identify the various angles present in the picture (right angle, acute angle, obtuse angle).
      Note from

This is our rough interpretation of what this project might look like.

Plan For Independent Practice: Have the kids “quiz” each other using their ships.

Assessment Based On Objectives: Teacher walks around observing as he/she asks to see different things, or can have the whole class show what is being asked for all at once.

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