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Here students demonstrate understanding of patterns and geometric shapes while creating Native American Wall Hangings


Art, Math, Social Studies  


4, 5  

Title – Native American Wall Hangings/Geometry
By – Dionn Brown
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Art, Social Studies,
Grade Level – 4-5

Objective:Identify geometric patterns by stating their rules; extending the patterns by generalizing and making predictions

Time required: 1 week

Materials & Resources Needed: white construction paper; white cotton fabric (11 x 17); washable paints- red, brown, white, orang4, black; paintbrushes of various tip sizes; pictures of Native American Wall Hangings

Technology Needed(optional): Computers with Internet Explorer or suitable web browser

Pre-Activities: Teacher will need to model creation of a design on construction paper

1) students will examine Native American Wall Hangings utilizing on line resources or examine actual samples or pictures brought in by teacher. Teacher will facilitate discussion based on the geometric patterns used and the extension (repeated use) of such patterns
2) students begin to plan their own designs using white construction paper and pencils. Students explain their choice of patterns and their extension
3) students transfer designs to cotton fabric
4) students begin to paint their designs and discuss the choice of colors in paint. Teacher needs to explain that the earth tone paints are direct from nature- mineral rich soil, plants, berries, etc.
5) students complete designs and lay flat to dry. Students may work on short presentation to describe process of making wall hangings and its relationship to math

Assessment: Teacher Observation during planning and design, final wall hanging and construction paper plans

Extension: Have students plan a gallery showing where they can exhibit their art and/or auction their work to parents

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