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Students create a Bar Graph of Balloon Colors in this lesson idea




2, 3  

Title – Balloons and Bar Graphs

By – Malisha N Fuller

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects – None

Grade Level – 2-3

Materials: assorted balloons with strings attached.

Focus Of Lesson: For the students to be able to identify what a bar graph is and the purpose of a bar graph. To better involve students in class participation and working together.


First, pass one balloon out to each student in the classroom. Second, ask each child to group themselves by balloon color. The kids will have a fun time doing this!!! Then ask the kids to count the balloons of their color. Ask each group to pick one representative to come forward and graph on the board their data on a graph you have prepared for them.

Group Activity: After doing the class activity, ask the children to divide into groups of about 10. Then you can give them a blank bar graph and let them fill in the data themselves.


Malisha N Fuller


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