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This is a bar graph lesson for “Smarties”





Title – How “Smart” Are You?
By – Paula Hollifield
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 4


  • Collect, organize, analyze, and display data (including line graphs and bar graphs) to solve problems.
  • Students will organize and graph data into a bar graph using “Smarties” candy.
  • This activity could be extended to include Mode, Median, and Range, Fractions, and Probability.

Materials Needed:

  • One roll of “Smarties” candy for each child
  • One inch graph paper
  • Crayons


  1. Discuss/review definition of data and graphing. We will decide the best type of graph to use for our data.
    ( Bar graph first .)
  2. Give each student one roll of candy.
  3. Have the children sort the candy by color.
    ( Most will do this automatically .)
  4. Discuss the importance of the graph title, horizontal and vertical axis titles. Ask the children “Why would we use this information on the graph?”
  5. Label each of these parts on the graph paper. Give the graph a title. Also decide what information needs to be included on the horizontal and vertical axis.
  6. Each color in the candy pack should have a column.
    ( White, pink, orange, green, and yellow .)
  7. Decide what numbers should go along the side of the graph.
  8. Discuss a way to represent each color on the graph. Students will color one square for each candy and its color. ( For example, if a student has three green Smarties, that student will color three green squares .)
  9. Have children predict the color most often found.
  10. Students will color one square for each candy to create their bar graph.
  11. As a conclusion, discuss the class findings.
        What color was found most often,

        did they predict the color correctly, and

      the importance of using graphs.

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