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The probability of grabbing a yellow bear from a colorful box of bears is graphed in this math center activity





Title – Probability with Bears
By – Floy Gutierrez
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1st


Texas Essential Knowledge Skills:

Math (1.9)(B) – organize data to construct real-object graphs, picture graphs, and bar-type graphs

Student Learning Objectives:

  • identify events as certain or impossible such as drawing one red bear from a box of yellow bears
  • recognize bar-type graphs
  • organize collected data

List of Materials:

  • graphing bears worksheets
  • markers
  • 4 boxes of bears (red ones, blue ones, yellow ones, green ones, etc.)
  • picture of the colorful bears
  • example graph

Pre-activity Preparation:

  • Make and copy the “Graphing Bears” worksheets
  • Gather the markers
  • Prepare boxes of bears in different colors
  • Make an example graph


  • Students are seated at their desk during the instruction
  • Then students are grouped and released quietly to their work stations


“Who likes bears?”


  1. Have students sit at their desks, then begin instruction:
    • “Who likes bears?”
    • Show picture of the colorful bears.
    • Students will answer immediately, so remind them to raise their hand.
  2. Introduce Math Center:
    • “I have a Math Center for you.”
    • Ask them if they have any ideas on how they can do math with bears.
  3. Explain what they will be doing in the center:
    • “Your math center is really fun – you will check for the probability of grabbing a yellow bear in a box full of bears of different colors.”
    • “You will also graph this probability on your worksheet.”
    • “You will open up the boxes – one box per group.”
    • “After you are done separating them, count how many bears you have in each color group.
    • “Graph your results – each bear will have a spot in your worksheet.” Show them an example.
    • Show students where the center is. Stand by for questions.


“What are you doing in your center? What did you learn?”

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