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Here is a clever numerical way to introduce yourself to your students on the first day of school




3, 4, 5  

Title – Introducing Your Teacher By the Numbers
By – Sandy Janack
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-5


  • Create a PowerPoint presentation. Each slide contains three parts that you reveal one at a time.
  • The first part is just a number. The number represents something about you (age, number of children, number of countries you’ve visited, number of cookies you eat for dessert, etc.).
  • Have kids guess with a partner what the number means. Share out.
  • Then share a clip art or picture connected to the answer. Let partners discuss and change their guess.
  • Then reveal what the number represents.
  • Continue with more slides.
  • Finally, give each student a sticky note, have them independently write numbers significant to them, and then partner up and guess what each other’s numbers mean.
  • Or you could have them create a flipbook about themselves with the number on one side and the answer on the next page.

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