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Make a birthday pictograph




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Title – Make a Birthday Pictograph
By – Stephanie Clark
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-2

Standard: Graphing

Materials: Chart paper (2 sheets – 1 for tally table, 1 for pictograph), Markers, and Math Journals

Objectives: Students will

      – take a survey of the class
      – create a pictograph
      – read data on the pictograph
      – ask questions about the dat
      – ask themselves questions

Motivation: Sing a song for the months of the year

Delivery: Take a survey using tally marks of everyone’s birthday. Make a title for the pictograph. Write down the months of the year vertically. Draw a picture next to the months, depending on how many birthdays there are. Continue for all twelve months. Make a key at the bottom of the pictograph. Ex: 1 picture equals 1 student.

Follow Up: Read the pictograph data. Ex: How many students have a birthday in March? Students can write their own questions from the data. Students can pair up with a partner to answer the questions. In their Math Journal, students can answer questions such as: What did I do? How did I do it? What did I learn?

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