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This fun idea involves throwing balls into divided boxes to determine numbers to add (integrates PE)


Math, P.E. & Health  


K, 1, 2, 3, 4  

Title – Boxed Ball Throw
By – Louella Nygaard
Subject – Math
Grade Level – K – 4

The teacher will locate a box that was purchased as a canning (holding jars) box. It has separate little compartments where each jar was placed. This box works well with adding, subtracting, and multiplication. The teacher writes numbers 0 – 9 on the inside of the compartments. The students are divided into 2 teams. There is a starting line tape placed on the floor where each student will stand to throw either 2 small beanbags or 2 small cushy (porcupine rubber balls) into the slot of the 2 numbers in which they want to receive. A person will stand up front and catch any ball that did not get into the box. The students throw until they have 2 in the box. The teacher will have them either +,-, or X the 2 numbers, depending on the level of students. There is also a score keeper who tallies correct answers. The team (after every student has had one run through the line) with the most tally marks wins!

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