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This yummy fall math idea uses candy corn to illustrate inequalities




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Title – Candy Corns Are the Greatest!
By – Melanie Garrison
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1 – 2

Materials: candy corn patterns, candy corn inequality cards, pencils, number cards


      1. TLW determine which numbers are lesser or greater than other numbers.

      2. TLW write inequalities in numerical and verbal form.

    3. TLW order numbers from highest to lowest on paper.

Procedure (20-minute lesson):

      1. Write random numbers on card stock squares. Give each student a different number. (Numbers can range from 10 to 30.)

      2. Ask students to compare their number with a partner. Have them make an inequality with their number and their partner’s number. Which number is lesser, or which number is greater? (12 < 21 or 24 > 15).

      3. Ask students read their inequalities aloud to you.

      4. Trace a candy corn on poster board or paper. Turn the candy corn on its side. Write one number on the pointy top and one number on the bottom.

      4. Give a candy corn to each student and ask them to write a > or < in the middle of the candy corn.

      5. Ask each student to read his or her inequality aloud to you. Write all of the inequalities on the board or overhead.

      6. Write a few of the inequalities backwards. (If you have 11 < 20, write 20 > 11.)

      7. Then ask everyone to write down the reversals of all the inequalities on the board, including the ones you did as an example.

    8. You may give out candy corn at the end of the lesson if you want to do so.

Closure: Review lesson. Review > and < signs and how you use them.

Evaluation: Use the activity from #7 above for an assessment.

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