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Here’s an idea for doing Chalkboard Addition and Subtraction




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Title – Chalkboard Addition (Subtraction)
By – Julienne C. Fallen
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1-2
Individual Chalkboards (Can be found at dollar stores)
Chalk Erasers

Practice basic addition and subtraction facts.

1. Each child is given a chalkboard, a piece of chalk, and an eraser.

2. Allow 5 – 10 minutes for free exploration. After all they are just going to play with new materials.

3. Explain the directions. Directions: The teacher will call out an addition (subtraction) problem and you will write the answer on your chalkboard. When you have the answer, pick up the chalkboard, face the answer with you (holding the chalkboard with two hands). When I say SHOW THE ANSWER everyone will turn their chalk board around and wait for me to check everyone’s answer. Then I will call on someone to give the correct answer.

4. If someone has the wrong answer put the problem on the class chalkboard and demonstrate how to get the correct answer.

Sometimes this game is called Hide and Show Addition (Subtraction).
After a few demonstrations on procedure this “game” goes really smoothly.

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