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This is a checking account debit and credit lesson





Title – Checking Account Math
By – Mary Baker
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 4

Mathematics Standard:



    credit, debit, checkbook, transaction register

Instructional Objective:

    Students will be able to work in cooperative groups to add and subtract money.


    Ask: What bills do your parents have to pay? How do your parents acquire the money to pay the bills?

Delivery of Instruction:

    Discuss responses to the above questions. Introduce the term credit and explain that a credit is an addition in a checkbook. Write the word on the board with plus sign next to it. Introduce the term debit and explain that a debit is a subtraction in a checkbook. Write the word on the board with a minus sign next to it. Break the class into groups and tell them they will be given a checkbook transaction register, and they will have to calculate the credits and debits. Write a different beginning balance in each group’s register. Make sure the balance is high enough that if the group chooses four debits in a row, they have enough money to calculate the problem without getting a negative balance. Each group will then take its credit and debit sheet, cut it into strips, and put them into a paper bag. Group members will begin by choosing one slip of paper from their sack. They will decide if it is a credit or a debit, enter the transaction into the register, and calculate the results. The group will continue this process until they have pulled at least four slips out of the bag.



    For interactive check writing and check registers or to print checks and check registers.


    The teacher will review registers to be sure that the calculations for each group are correct.

Extended Practice:

    Challenge students to continue pulling slips from the bags and calculating the results. You may also want to have sample checks and deposit slips available for students. Group members could write sample checks and fill out the deposit slips, just as their parents do.

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