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In this date lesson, the class sorts the years on 100 pennies




2, 3  

Title – Penny Dates

By – Sharinna

Primary Subject – Math

Grade Level – 2-3

Objective: SWBAT locate dates on money and arrange dates in chronological order.

Materials: pennies (100 pennies), a work sheet, Post-It notes, and pencils

Starter Question: What is your favorite year?

Mini Lesson: Explain to the class that every penny has a date on it; the year the penny was made. Demonstrate to the class how to find the date on a penny and then record it on a Post-It note. Write the date large enough to see from across the room. The students will all be given a penny so that they can look for the date and record it on the Post-It.

TASK: SWBAT have a work sheet made by you and record how many times the penny falls on their favorite year.

Note from

Many students will pick the current year or their birthday year, so be sure to have many pennies from these “favorite” years to make the lesson more enjoyable.




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