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Kid Pix software is used in this fun idea for teaching Geometric Shapes


Computers & Internet, Math  


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Title – Geometric Shapes
By – Deborah Kasper
Subject – Math, Computers
Grade Level – 1-2
This is for a computer class. Using the Kid Pix software, I made a template of 4-6 geometric shapes, painted them in, each a different color. I typed the name of each shape on the page (octagon, trapezoid etc.). Using the moving van tool, I broke each shape in 2 pieces and scattered them on the page. The students had to match the shapes together and bring them beside the corresponding word. The next class, I had the students draw the shapes using the straight line tool on Kid Pix and paint it in. They had to then make a puzzle, similar to how I had done previously for them, by breaking the shapes in 2 pieces and scattering them around the page. Next the students switched computers and completed the puzzle another student made.

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