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This lesson uses the software “KidPix” to teach Geometric Shapes


Computers & Internet, Math  


K, 1, 2  

Title – Kid-Pix Puzzles
By – Elissa Wynn
Subject – Math, Computers & Internet
Grade Level – K-2
Computer Lab

Students will:
*create geometric shapes
*label geometric shapes
*move and place geometric shapes

Create enough floppy disks (or files saved to hard drive) for each computer. This template will consist of 4-8 shapes being studies within the ‘regular’ classroom. The shapes are filled in using the bucket tool with a variety of textures and colors. Next, I type the names of the corresponding shapes on one side of the screen. Now comes the interesting part: I break apart the shapes into two pieces and move them around on the page. The students will need to reassemble them when they arrive.

Have the template loaded prior to the arrival of the students (this will save oodles of time). When the students are gathered around the projector, describe what they are seeing on their templates. Explain that they will need to use the proper ‘move’ tool to join the shapes back together. They will also need to move the corresponding word next to the appropriate shape.

Be sure to leave on the board the corresponding names and shapes, as this will undoubtedly assist the children who are not so proficient at reading.

NOTE: The lesson written here is intended for Kindergarten students, using only three shapes to begin with. As skills develop over the year, more shapes and words may be introduced. The difficulty level should increase with more shapes and words for grades 1 and 2, allowing the students to create their own shapes, label them independently, and create puzzles for their classmates to complete.

Have a great time!

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