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In this fraction game, students create a reusable MS Word Bingo table and highlight answer squares


Computers & Internet, Math  


4, 5, 6  


Title – Math Bingo Table
By – Deborah Kelleher
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet
Grade Level – 4-6

Skills Developed:

      Addition of Fractions with common Denominator


      Creating a table in Word


      Using the highlighter in Word


    Working with the number pad on the keyboard


      Have students’ create a table in Word


        Click on


        and then


        5 columns and 6 Rows.
        Select the first row and click on


        and choose

Merge Cells

        , then put title in first row “Debbie’s Math Bingo”.
        Give them a list of fractions to put in their table such as, 2/12, 2/3, 6/9, 3/8, 7/10, 3/5, 14/18, 2/9, 5/5, 2/16, 4/15, 13/7, 12/5, 6/12, 2/8, 6/8, 7/12, 3/9, 7/15, 2/10, 20/8, 7/5, 1/4, 11/25.
        Have them use the number pad to enter fractions. Make sure they mix them up when they are putting them in the table and they should include “Free Space” in the middle of the table.
        Finally, show them how to center their entries.




      the document once all fractions are in the table and before you begin to highlight.


        Practice using the


        by first calling out only the fraction for students to find and highlight the fractions which are called out.
        Then follow with calling out problems that will equal fractions on their Bingo Table. As they find the answer, they should use highlighter in Word to select the answer.


      They win when they get a right angle that starts at the top of the table and goes to bottom of the table and then over at least 2 spaces to either the right or left.
      Important: You can quickly start a new game by closing the document and


    saving changes.

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