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This magical lesson uses the story of Cinderella to teach rounding




3, 4, 5  


Title – Cinderella Rounding
By – Mandy Ratledge
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-5


When rounding to any place value, use the Cinderella story to make it clearer when to “go” or “stay”.

      1. When asking the class to round a number to the tens, such as 186, the students are to underline the number in the tens place (8). This number is “Cinderella”.


      2. Cinderella then seeks the help of her “Fairy Godmother”. This is the number directly to the right of Cinderella. We draw an arrow from under Cinderella to the “Fairy Godmother” to show the path she goes (to the right) to find help. This helps the kids form a mental picture and realize that this is the only way she goes for help… to the right.


      3. We now discuss the Fairy Godmother’s powers. If her magic is NOT powerful (numbers 0-4), Cinderella must “Stay” at home and cannot attend the ball. She doesn’t get to change into a beautiful dress, but must remain in the same rags she is wearing. (The 8 stays an 8.)


      4. If her magic IS powerful (numbers 5-9), Cinderella will “Go” go the ball and must change clothes… go up one number. (The 8 becomes a 9.)


      5. The remaining numbers on the right (the Fairy Godmother and whomever she may be traveling with) go “POOF” and turn to 0’s. (190)


    6. If there are any numbers in front of Cinderella, they are not affected by the magic, and they stay the same.

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