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Here students practice telling time on a website clock and on a customized clock worksheets


Computers & Internet, Math  


PreK, K, 1, 2, 3  

Title – Telling Time on the Web

By – Amy Cordisco

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects – Computers / Internet

Grade Level – 1-2

Learning Standards:

    Students will understand mathematics and become mathematically confident by communicating and reasoning mathematically, by applying mathematics in real-world settings, and by solving problems through the integrated study of number systems, geometry, algebra, data analysis, probability, and trigonometry.

Summary of the Lesson:

    This lesson is intended to reinforce a student’s ability to tell time on an analog clock by having them manipulate one on the web. This is a lesson that can be used as a center activity.

Major Objectives:


    1. Student pairs will begin by brainstorming a list of reasons why we need to tell time. Conversely, they can also brainstorm what life would be like if no one could tell time.

    2. Student pairs then will be stationed at one computer. With one worksheet made from the above worksheet.

    3. Students will use the clock from the web site above to complete the worksheet provided.



  • The students will have homework that relates to this activity so they can follow through at home.


  • Assessment is constant and ongoing through observation.
  • Student work can be collected and assessed.
  • Brainstorm lists can be collected and assessed.

Time Required:

    This lesson can be completed in fifteen to 40 minutes depending on the amount of practice a teacher requires.


Amy Cordisco


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