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Smarties candies are used in this lesson on comparing Fractions




5, 6, 7  

Title – Smarties Math Lab
By – Angela Aminyar
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5th-7th

1. Students will practice comparing fractions.


* Mini smarties bag
* Smarties lab worksheets
* Markers or crayons – yellow, red, brown, pink, blue, orange


This lesson plan is designed to take one class period’s time. The time can be made longer or shorter depending on the class discussions.

Anticipitory Set

1. Devide students into pairs or learning groups of 2.
Each group needs to make sure they have the following materials:

* Lab worksheets
* A bag of mini Smarties
* Markers or crayons
* Poster paper

2. Prepare students for the activity by discussing fractions and asking questions such as:

-What is a fraction?
-How are fractions made?

3. Give directions. Explain the worsheets and go through the lab.

4. Ask the students for any questions.


1.Sort the Smarties according to color.

2. Create fractions out of the color (part) and amount of Smarties (whole).

3. Draw a pizza pie in the middle of your poster paper and devide your pie into the number of Smarties in a bag.

4. After students finish making their Smarties pie, discuss and compare the number of colors there is in the Smarties bag in each group.


A formal evaluation can be used by checking each student’s labsheet and grading the posters they made with creativety.

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