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A Valentine’s Day idea to do Math with Candy Conversation Hearts




2, 3  

Title – Conversation Heart Candy Math

Subject – Math

Grade Level – 2 – 3

This is a fun math activity to do with your class on Valentine’s Day as part
your class party.

Skills taught: estimation, comparing, addition, subtraction, graphing.
Each student gets an individual box of heart candy. The teacher leads the
by giving these oral directions.

1- Ask students to estimate the amount of candy in the box and write down the
number. Ask how many tens and ones in that number.

2- Ask students to empty box and count the actual number of candy. Students
then find the difference between actual and estimated number.

3- Students sort candy by message on hearts then by color.

4- Create a sheet to find differences or sums using the number of colored
Yellow + Pink, Orange-Yellow, etc.)– Do this with less than or greater than

5- Create a graphing sheet to graph hearts on a bar graph by color or message.

6- Create a pie graph by gluing hearts around a paper plate by color. Color
in pie
graph wedges to match color. Use percentages and discuss.


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