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This math lesson on counting skills is called “Counting Colors”




2, 3  

Title – Counting Colors

By – Brad Reece

Subject – Math

Grade Level – 2-3

Lesson: Different ways of counting

Learning tools: crayons, chalk/marker board, crayola counting book, rubber bands

References: Crayola Counting Book

Lesson Objectives: That students will learn quicker ways of counting by learning to count by fives and tens.

Lesson Outline

1. The teacher will read the Crayola Counting Book out loud to the class

2. Then announce that we will be practicing some of the things that the book talked about. Also say that we are going to learn to count a lot faster than we normally do.

3. Then have one student pass out the crayons at least 20 crayons to each student. They will need one at least four rubber bands.

4. The teacher must explain the safety when using rubber bands and how it is not right to shoot them or hurt anyone; and they must keep them on their desk. Have another student pass out four rubber bands to each student.

5. Next get the student’s attention toward you. Explain that today they will be learning to count by tens and fives like the book talked about. It might be helpful to show them where in the book it talks about counting in 5’s and 10’s.

6. Then explain that counting by fives and tens involves grouping things together like we do in class when we get in groups.

7. Have the students count out 5 crayons and put a rubber band around them. While they are doing this walk around the room to help with the rubber bands that some students may be having trouble with.

8. Explain to the class that because we have already counted the five crayons then we know there are five crayons there.

9. Have them put together five more in a bundle and explain that now we can count to ten by using only two numbers (five and ten)

10. Show them on the board how five plus five equals ten and in this part it might be helpful to draw actually stick crayons to help them visualize the concept.

11. Then the same is done with the tens by grouping ten crayons in bundles and counting to twenty.

12. After everything has been gone over ask if there are any questions? Wait.

13. After answering questions pass out the worksheet and give them five minutes to get started on homework. This also gives you time to walk around and check to see if everyone is understanding.


Study Assignment: Worksheet on counting by 5’s and 10’s.




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