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In this lesson, cows and their spots are counted





Title – Counting Cows Math Lesson
By – Chelsea Larson
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1st

Learning Objectives:

  1. Students will correctly count the number of spots on the cow cutouts.
  2. They will be able to count the total amount of spots on multiple cows.
  3. They will correctly write the number of total cows and list them from least to greatest number of spots.

List of Materials Needed:

  • Paper
  • Cow worksheet
  • Cow cut-outs
  • Pencil

Pre-Activity Preparation:

  • Make a worksheet of pictures of cows with different numbers of spots or use a cow outline and add your own spots to multiple cows. Put a box or blank next to each cow, so students can put the number of spots they counted on the cow into the box.
  • If you put the cows on a row, you could include a box at the end of the row for the total number of spots in the row (put spots next to the box) and the total number of cows (put a little cow next to the box) on the row.
  • On the bottom of the page, have a big box for total number of cows, and a small series of boxes so they can list the number of spots of their cows from least to greatest.
  • Cut out some of the cows from the worksheet to use as an example.


  • Make the sound a cow makes while walking to the floor to discuss the assignment. Make a cow noise back to their desks to complete assignment.


  • Discuss farm animals and the different types of food a cow can make. Have the kids describe the appearance of a cow (spots).


      1. Set the cow cutouts up on board.

      2. Bring all the kids to the floor with mooing.

      3. Ask them questions about cows and their spots.

      4. Count one of the cow’s spots with the students.

      5. Count another cow’s spots and discuss.

      6. Add the two amounts of spots together and then add the two cows together.

      7. Explain the assignment and have them return to their desks mooing.

      8. Hand out the paper with the cows on it and also give them an extra paper just to use as scratch paper.

    9. Tell them to do the paper independently and when they are finished, turn it in to the basket.


  • Ask if it was hard to count and add the spots together.
  • Ask if they liked counting two different sets of numbers (cows and spots).

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