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Here’s a Counting Down idea using File Folders




PreK, K, 1  

Title – All Gone File Folder Game

By – Debbie Haren

Primary Subject – Math

Secondary Subjects –

Grade Level – Preschool-1st grade


File folder

contact paper

2 pictures that are the same

10 items to use as tokens on the game board


Objective: To teach children how to take turns. To show children how to count. To teach children that playing a game is not about winning. To learn to make up their own rules to a game. To have fun!!

To make the game board:

Take the two pictures and put them on each side of the open file folder. Glue them on and then laminate or contact paper the file folder so it will last longer. the two players will then sit on each side of the file folder and the picture in front of them is their side of the board to put their tokens on. Tokens can be pennies, pieces of paper or anything else that you can find 10 of in the classroom.


This game is called all gone so children do not yell out they won. This is a game played by 2 children. The children put all 10 of their tokens on the board. They take turns rolling the die and taking that many tokens of their board. Each person takes turns until one of them has taken off all their tokens and then they call all gone!


The children after they have been playing the game for awhile and have an idea on sharing and taking turns can then make up their own games using the file folder as a the game board. For instance they might want to change the rules around and say they yell all gone when they have put all the tokens on the board instead of off the board. Then they are all gone in their hands! Or they could say “all on” for all on the game board!! Let the kids make their own rules and think about how to play different games with the game board!!


Debbie Haren


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