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This one is a Counting Up Sticker game idea






Title – Preschool game board and Activity
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Preschool
-A spinner with numbers or colors on it.
-Stickers or pieces of colored construction paper that match the colors on your spinner.
-A larger sticker or picture to put on each end of the game to let them know that means they won!
-a file folder.
-2 tokens to use to move through the game. (Pennies or 2 pieces of paper work just fine!)
-contact paper or a laminating machine.

Making the Game Board:

First open the file folder up and on each side of the fold put 1 large sticker at the bottom to be the starting point for the game. Then at the other end put the same sticker for the ending point on each side of the file folder. Then determine how many stickers you want to put on each side of the fold and then match them up across from each other. So, you should have the exact same number of stickers on each side of the fold in the file folder. I would suggest 10. Then laminate or contact paper the file folder so it will last longer.

Procedure of the game:
Each child spins the spinner and either moves that number of spaces or moves to the appropriate color on the spinner. When they get to the end and to the other large sticker they are the winner! Whoever get their first wins!
To learn to take turns. To learn to count or to learn their colors! to have fun!
Let the children make their own game board to take home and play with parents or grandparents!

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