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A great Math lesson plan on decimals using paper strips




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From Sharon Jacoby

Goal: To understand what a
decimal represents

Materials Needed: Worksheets
and scissors

Activity: Each student has
his own decimal worksheet and scissors. Begin by asking how many
worksheets each student has. (one) Stress that decimals are a
part of a whole and that the decimals they will be cutting will
be a part of one whole piece of paper. Have students cut out the
tenths. There will be 10 tenths. Again stress how 10 tenths make
one whole. One of the tenths will be divided into 10 hundredths.
Have the students cut that tenth apart. Discuss how 10 hundredths
make one tenth.

You may want to use these
paper manipulative s for representing decimals such as .23.

You can save these pieces
in envelopes and use them later for decimal inequalities. They
work great for teaching that concept.

I have also done this with
just blank pieces of paper and have the students fold them into
tenths and then cut them out. The only problem with this is that
the tenths may not end up being of equal size.

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