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This is an idea for using old decks of cards for Math Problems




3, 4, 5, 6  

Title – Deck of cards for Math
By – Carol Phillips
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3-6
You use old decks of playing cards and remove the 10’s, jacks, kings. I have saved about ten old decks. It doesn’t matter if other cards are missing. Aces are 1,queens are 0’s and all of the others are their face value. You may use these in any math reviews from place value, add, subtract, multiply, divide, rounding, and greater/less than.
Draw out as many cards as your grade level requires. Place them face up and read for place value, draw out pairs and add, subtract, multiply. Draw out some and arrange in largest order. Just use your imagination! The children really enjoy this activity instead of just writing the numbers on the board. Sometimes they may work in pairs to compete with each other. At the end of each unit we do “Monster Problems” which means we draw out as many as 10 to 15 and draw one to Multiply or Divide by.

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