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Here young students add and subtract dogs going in and out of a kennel




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Doggy Adding and Subtracting
By – Cynthia F. Saltmarch
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – PK-1

Behavioral Objectives:

    Given a kennel sheet and doggy cutouts, students will be able to do simple adding and subtraction problems with 90% accuracy.    


    Students will be able to add and subtract the dogs in and out of the kennel.

Materials Needed:

  • Each student needs a copy of the kennel and the doggy cutouts.
  • The students will need a pair of scissors to cut out the little doggies.


  • Hand out the scissors and the doggy and kennel sheets.
  • “Today we will cut out the little doggies and we will put them in the kennel to go to the veterinarian’s office. When animals get sick they go to the vet and the vet will try to make them healthy enough to go home. We will add and subtract the doggies that need to stay at the vet and those that will go home. I will tell you how many go in the kennel and how many to let out or to bring in. Listen to my directions.”

Evaluation of Student Learning:

  • The student will be given two simple teacher-created worksheets, one dealing with addition and one dealing with subtraction.
  • Their listening and cutting skills will be tested and also their ability to follow directions.

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