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This lesson helps students discover the domain and range of practical linear functions (word problems)






Title – Understanding domain and range values between theoretical and practical linear functions.
By – Daniel Bynum
Primary Subject – Math – Algebra I
Grade Level – 9th

TEKS / TAKS Objectives: 111.32.c.1.B

Lesson Objective:
Understanding the domain and range values for various linear functions.

Anticipatory Set:
Warm-up problems in which the students will determine the domain and range for several linear equations.

Input Procedures:
Read a linear word problem and then determine an equation for that problem (The equation should be the same as the last warm-up problem). Now, discuss with the class what they think the domain and range should be, based on the wording of the problem. How does the domain and range of the warm-up compare to the domain and range of the word problem?

Checking for Understanding:
Class discussion lead by instructor.

Guided Practice:
Several more similar problems on the board. Have various students help with solution.

Independent Practice:
In small groups, the students will continue to solve for the domain and range of various equations and word problems.

After guided practice re-explain the difference between domain and range values of theoretical equations and real life word problems.

Done throughout the lesson and especially during independent practice. Help facilitate small group discussions if needed.

Graphing specific functions to reinforce visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.

Enrichment / Extension:
Have students explore linear relationships between two things in their life and determine an equation, the domain, and the range.

Follow specific IEPs.

Problems from book or off of a worksheet.

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