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Jumbo die are used in this doubles lesson





Title – Doubling Numbers
By – Molly Vazquez
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – 1

Concept – Double numbers from 1 to 10. Use familiar doubles to figure out other doubles. Language – add, addition, double.

Materials –

      For student – jumbo die, paper, pencil, counters if needed.

    For teacher – white board, marker.

Procedures –

      1 – Review Doubles. Ask the students what is a double and what doubles do they know. Write these on the white board.

      2 – Have a student roll the jumbo die and tell the class what number appears.

      3 – Have the students write this number down on their paper, double it and write the sum (Example – 4+4=8). They may use counters if needed.

      4 – Continue having students roll the die and create doubles. Compile doubles from 1 to 10 on white board.

      5 – Discuss what might be an easy way to use doubles they know to figure out other numbers. (Example – Double 5 is 10, what is double 6? Because 6 is one more than 5, double 1 is 2. 10+2=12.)

      6 – Have children identify doubles they know to figure out other doubles.

      7 – Have the children write the addition sentences.

    8 – Review the concept.

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