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This Preschool Easter lesson is on counting Easter Chicks




PreK, K, 1  

Title – Easter Chick Counting

By – Heather Kucera

Subject – Math

Grade Level – Age 4 – 6

NUMERATION TO 10 – Cards and Counters For Easter


Numeral Cards 1 – 10


Easter Basket nest of 55 baby chicks used as counters (I
get them from a craft store)

There are 11 plastic Easter eggs (the ones that open/are empty inside), so put numerals on each of
them, 0-10 (in place of numeral cards or as an addition)


1. Invite child and bring materials to mat on floor or
long table.

2. Place numeral cards in mixed array. Teacher says that
they are going to put the numerals 1 – 10 in order
along the top of the mat. The numeral name is said as
it is placed in sequence.

3. Teacher tells child that they will put the
corresponding number of counters under each numeral
card and shows how to arrange the counters in pairs,
sets of two.

4. Teacher points to “1” and says, “This is one”. She
places two under “2”, counting “one”, “two”, as she
places them. This procedure is followed through “10”
when all the counters are used.

5. Collect all counters, then numeral cards, in orderly
fashion and replace in basket. Put basket and mat away.

Additional Note:

A game can be played in which the chicks are all laid out, and the
child has to pick an egg from the basket. When they do, they must find the
number of chicks that belong to that egg and put them in. (for example, I
pick an egg with the number “2” on it so I’d put two chicks in it, and so
on.) It can be played with more than one child at a time. Make sure they
count each chick as they put them in the egg. At the end, save the number
“0” for the last one to do. They will see that there are no more chicks in
the basket and probably say, “There’s no more chicks!”. That’s when you
teach them what the number “0” means, and also explains why the egg with
the “0” on it is empty.

Point of interest:

Pattern of counters


Direct Aim:

To provide practice in association of symbol and quantity
using odd and even pattern.

Indirect Aim:

Preparation for higher math

Preparation for art

Preparation for science

Develop visual memory

Preparation for language


Control of Error:

Just enough counters (55)



Pattern, counters


Change counter to reflect different class themes


Explain concept of odd and even

Language: Odd and even

Odd has one counter left without a partner

Even – all counters have a partner




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