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The Easter Count- Rightly Dividing





By – Sharrol Hensley


Basket or container for each child.
Packet of Grass for every 3 students.
Four eggs for each student. (Plastic kind that come apart)
1 bag of jellybeans
1 bag of chocolate eggs


Activities and Procedure:

  1. Each student needs a basket or container, and pencil and paper on their desk.
  2. Have students count the number of students in the room and write “number of students” on their paper.
  3. Have students, one at a time, place 1/3 of a bag of grass in their basket.
  4. Have students count the number of bags used and record it on their paper.
  5. Show the students the different number sentences they could write.
  6. Give each student 4 Easter eggs.
  7. Have students tally 4 on their paper for each student
  8. Have students write the number four for each student under the tally marks, and count the tally marks and add the numbers and see if they get the same answer.
  9. Have students write the math equation for the number of students times the number of eggs.
  10. Have students write the math equation for the number of students divided by the number of eggs.
  11. Have the students repeat this process for the number of jellybeans and the number of chocolate eggs.



Have the students draw a picture that demonstrates a number story that they have created. They will need an equation on their paper that reflects their picture story.


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