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This Easter Egg Hunt lesson helps to review basic Math Facts




3, 4  

Title – Easter Egg Hunt (Review of basic math facts)
By – Julienne C. Fallen
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 3/4
This lesson is intended to be a fun review of basic math facts. In grades 3 and 4 students are expected to retain basic math facts and sometimes do not have practice using them. With such an emphasis on testing students tend to sit at their desk and do pencil and paper computation. There is nothing wrong with that, but it can get boring!

This is a way to make review a little more interesting.


Plastic eggs (the number depends on how much time you want to spend and how many groups you are going to have.)

Pencils, paper, and Easter baskets.


1. To set up the activity put a math problem in each egg. It can be addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc..
To make it easier on myself I have labeled all the eggs with a group number. Then I put the same problem in each group’s egg. So I may have 10 problems but 30 eggs.
Hide the eggs outside, in the classroom, or put them into stations.

2. Divide the students into groups of two or three.

3. Give each group a number.

4. Each group should have paper and pencil and everyone has to work out the problems.

5. Each group will hunt for the eggs with their numbers and solve the math problems. As they find the eggs they put them in their basket (which allows them to do the clean up). Each child solves the problem, by first writing the problem on his/her paper and then by writing the answer. This allows you to check the problems.

6. When they are finished they go to a designated area for checking. If they have any wrong they must re-work their problem. If it is all correct then they can complete another activity. If you go outside then you could have them jump rope, play catch, etc. until the other are done. They could read, play math games, or help another group.


Work problems that seemed to be difficult for the class as a whole. Take this time to review facts.

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