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Here’s an idea called Equivalent Fraction Go Fish




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Title – Fraction Go Fish
By – Abbie Artley
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 5th – 6th grade

Overview: Remember Go Fish? It’s great for reviewing equivalent fractions. Since Go Fish is all based on matches, it naturally works for matching equivalent fractions. This game should be played in groups of 4 or less.

Objective: Students will become more familiar and comfortable working with equivalent fractions by matching two equivalents. The student with the most matches after the card pile has been used up is the winner.

*Index Cards

Instructions for making the cards:
1. On one side of an index card, write a fraction. Write an equivalent fraction on another index card. Continue writing pairs of equivalent fractions. For each group of students playing, they need about 30 cards (this makes 15 pairs). I like to decorate one side of the card and laminate them for durability, but neither of these steps is necessary.

2. Put students in groups of not more than 4.

Choosing a dealer: Student with the earliest birthday this year.
Dealer deals 5 cards to each student and puts the rest in a scattered pile in the middle of the group. Students can put down any matches they have.
The student to the dealer’s left asks the student of his/her choice: “Do you have a fraction equivalent to (for example) 1/2?” If that student has a match, all group members need to check for accuracy! If not, the student “goes fishing.” Again, if a match is found, all group members check for accuracy.
Continue play until the “pond” is depleted. The student with the most matches is the winner!

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