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Here’s an idea for Estimating the Weight of Objects






Title – Estimating weight
By – Debbie HAren
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – 4

Fruit or vegetables
Paper for each child


Have students look at all the items that you plan to weigh. Have them estimate on their piece of paper which item is the heaviest and which item is the lightest. Talk about the items they chose. Write on the chalkboard the most popular answer for the heaviest and the lightest item. If you want they can all the items on there paper from heaviest to lightest. Then start weighing the items. Have everyone get a turn at writing down the weight of the items. Or some of the class could read the scale and some of the students could put the weight on the board. Just so everyone has a chance to participate. Some children could also help put the items on the scale.
After all the items are weighed have the students look at the weights and put them in order form least to greatest weight. So the smallest item would go first and so on. Find out who was right in the class for the heaviest and lightest items.

Talk about how many ounces it takes to make a pound.
Have the children estimate how many ounces 4 apples would be by using the weight of 1 apple.
Look at labels on packages if possible and talk about how to read the labels.

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