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This is a pumpkin seed lesson on estimation and graphing




K, 1  

Title – Sorting Pumpkin Seeds
By – Mollie Tucker
Subject – Math
Grade Level – K-1
E-Mail –
Unit: Fall/Halloween
TLW estimate the number of seeds in the bag.
TLW sort colored pumpkin seeds into sets and graph the results.

Materials/Arrangements Needed:
bag of colored pumpkin seeds, crayons, pen or pencil, graph

Read Clifford’s First Autumn.
Have children discuss the reasons they think pumpkins are associated with Fall.
Give each pair of children a bag of colored pumpkin seeds and chart.
Have children estimate the number of seeds in the bag and write it down.
After estimating, have children take their seeds out of the bag and count them. Was your prediction the same as the outcome? Who was the closest?
Sort the seeds according to color.
Have children graph the results. What color has the largest amount of seeds? What color has the least amount of seeds?

Assessment: Monitor students estimation and sorting skills and usage of language.

Clifford’s First Autumn by Norman Bridwell

Ways to Simplify:
Allow children sort seeds according to color.

Ways to Extend:
Have children think of other criteria they can use to sort the seeds.
Have children create patterns using the different colored pumpkin seeds.
Allow children to create a pattern with the seeds and see if their partner can guess what criteria they are using to make the pattern.

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