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This is an “Exploration of Fractions”





Cathy Krzewki

Topic: Fractions

Title: Exploring Fractions

Grade: 3

Materials: Index cards Scissors

Description of Activity: Have students work in small groups preparing sets of fraction cards. Have students write a fraction on the bottom of each card. Then draw a corresponding geometric representation on the top. The students should then cut each card in half with a different, irregular cut. Display the top part and have another group match the bottom part. Then display the bottom portion and have a different group match the top part. Since the cuts are irregular, if a picture does not match a fraction, the two parts will not fit together. Then have the class work as a whole. Name a fraction and have each group that used it show the picture they drew. Students need to know that there are many geometric representations that can be used for the same fraction.

Extension: Have the students order the tops of their cards from least to greatest and then order the bottoms of their cards from greatest to least.

Reference: Mathematics Plus, Teacher’s Edition Grade 3. 1994

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