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This graphing idea involves students’ favorite ice cream




PreK, K, 1, 2  

Title – What is your favorite ice cream?
By – Debbie Haren
Primary Subject – Math
Secondary Subjects –
Grade Level – Pre-K – 2nd
construction paper
brown paper for cones

Find a space to hang three triangles made of brown construction paper. Then take the black marker and make crisscrosses on them to make them look like ice cream cones. At the top of the spot label this “What is your favorite flavor?”

Then cut out circles of different colors of construction paper to represent different flavors of ice cream.

Ask every child what their favorite kind of ice cream is and then put that color up on the board. Make rows for each flavor. Then when you are done, ask the children these questions:
What is the flavor that this class likes best?
What flavor does this class like the least?
Are any flavors tied?
How many people liked chocolate the best?
How many people are in our class?
How did you figure that out?

This is a graph. You can all read graphs. I made this graph as a bar graph. There are many other kinds of graphs. Can any one think of another kind of graph?
line graph, pie graph etc.

To help children learn to read a bar graph. To help them learn what a bar graph is. To help children learn how to put information into different terms.
Make a graph to show what everyone’s favorite color is in the class.

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