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A Math lesson called “Fractions All Around Us”




4, 5, 6  

Title – Fractions Are All Around Us
By – Paul Stewart
Subject – Math
Grade Level – 4th to 6th

Fractions Are All Around Us.
Time: Approximately 20-30 minutes.

· Visuals of different types of fractions, and directions.
· Paper students to do their Fraction Search on. (24 pieces)

· SW reinforce their understanding of what a fractions is.
· SW discover that fractions are all around them.

Anticipatory Set: (5 minutes)
· (Today we will be exploring fractions that are around us.)
1. TW discuss fraction examples with class.
2. TW ask question regarding examples.
· TW ask class: What is a fraction? (fractions are equal parts that make up a whole)
· Where do you see fractions in life?
· TW show four pre-made examples of fractions found in life. (discuss)

Procedure: (10 to 15 minutes)
1. The fraction search:
· TW explain The Fraction Search, and show examples.
· TW pass out paper for groups to find fractions around the room.
· SW explore and search the room for fractions.

2. The fraction search discussion (on board or overhead)
· SW answer question on paper after search.
1. Did you think you would find so many fractions?
2. What fraction did you find the least/most?
3. What have you learned about fractions and making sketches?

Closure: (5 minutes)
· TW lead a discussion about The Fraction Search and the questions.
-by having students share answers and fractions that they found.

**If time:
· SW answer question, Can you think of where you might find fractions outside of the classroom. (refer to visuals)
· Discuss fractions outside of the room, how are they used in everyday life?

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