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This Friday Shop-a-Thon idea rewards appropriate behavior while providing real-life applied math practice





Title – Friday Shop-A-Thon
By – Ashlan Phillips
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – Any Level

Materials Needed:

  • “play” money
  • assorted small age-appropriate items (candy, pencils, rulers, stickers, rings)


      This is an idea that will both reward appropriate classroom behavior and give students some applied math practice.
      First, decide what activities and behaviors you want to reward. Then “print” some play money in appropriate small denominations. Starting on a Monday, every time a child turns in homework, has a “good” day or does something extra, reward them with play money, instead of points or stickers. For older children, you might want to give them a paycheck that they could spend immediately or save up to buy items that are more expensive. There might even be a free homework day pass for sale for students who have made and saved the maximum amount possible. Inappropriate behavior (tardiness) would lead to a dock in pay and extraordinary behavior (participation) would lead to a raise.
    On Friday, allot time at the end of class for a Shop-A-Thon. Set up a little “store,” where they can use their money to buy small items like pencils, stickers, or candy. Make the cost of each item different, so they will have to exercise their mental addition and subtraction skills. Older students should figure out the cost of sale items and tax (percentages).

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