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Following these geometric directions will yield a village of unique snowmen





Title – Snowman Glyph
By – Kim Karnsrithong
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K

Materials: Create the body of the snowman by tracing three circles large, medium, and small on a sheet of white paper. Then, run copies for the whole class. It was helpful for me to also draw a hat on the snowball paper.

Other materials: construction paper for the background, star stickers, material, and crayons.

Instruct students to cut out the three circles and hat. Next, glue the circles in the shape of a snowman on a sheet of construction paper. Give the following directions (modified if necessary) to complete the snowman.

Buttons: If you are 5 years old, use three blue stars. If you are 6 years old, use three red stars.

Scarf: If you live in (city where your school is located), use material with a pattern. If you live in another city, use a solid color.

Mouth: If you walk to school, make the mouth solid black. If you are dropped off in a car, make the mouth with black dots.

Nose: If you are eating lunch in the cafeteria, make the nose an orange triangle. If you brought your lunch, make the nose a green circle.

Eyes: If you are a boy, make the eyes brown circles. If you are a girl, make the eyes blue squares.

Hat: If you are wearing a white shirt, color the hat brown. If you are wearing a shirt that is not white, color the hat black.

Arms: If you sit at table 1, 3, or 5, color the arms brown. If you sit at table 2 or 4, color the arms black.

Finally, ask students to create a snowy environment if time permits!

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