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Here students use their bodies to make geometric shape photos





Title – Shape Photos
By – Cathy Lewis
Primary Subject – Math
Grade Level – K

Note: This activity can be done at the end of a unit on 2-D shapes or throughout the unit, focusing on one shape at a time. Procedure:

  1. Begin the lesson by reading a book on 2-D shapes; here are a few suggestions:
    The Shape of Things
    The Shape Hunt
    Brown Rabbit’s Shape Book
    What Shape is it?
    When a Line Bends — A Shape Begins
  2. Discuss the number of sides that each shape has. In small groups, about four students, have the students think about ways that they can make shapes with their bodies. They can work individually at first, such as making a circle with their mouth, or hands, or using their arms or legs to make triangles. Then the students will work together to make larger shapes by lying down to make triangles, squares or rectangles. Discuss how many sides the shapes have and how many people you will need for each shape. As the students make shapes individually and together, take photos.
  3. The next day, the students can identify the shapes that they have made by looking at the photos and then sorting them by the type of shape. They can also sort by the number of sides they have. The photos can also be used to make a graph and discuss which shapes you have the most or the fewest. The photos can also be glued on construction paper and laminated to make a class book. The children love seeing themselves in a book!

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