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Amy Geurkink Math Lesson Plan




K, 1  

Amy Geurkink Math Lesson Plan

Topic: Geometric Shapes

Grade Level: K – 1

Introducing Geometric Shapes


This activity will introduce geometric shapes to children. It
allows them to get their hands on the shapes, play with them,
and learn some of their attributes. Students cannot get a real
feeling of geometric shapes by only using 2 dimensional shapes.
This activity provides depth, width, and height.


To involve children with sorting and classifying geometric solids,
and comparing numerical quantities.

Materials Needed:

building blocks, or sets of geometric solids

two 30 – inch strands of yam

Anticipatory Set:

Allow children to pick out several shapes from tubs of geometric

Ask them if they would build something with the shapes they have

Concept development/activity:

1. Discuss with students similarities and differences between
the shape.

2. Ask which ones were easier to build with.

3. Explain we will be investigating these solids by constructing
a slide and then doing an experiment.

4. Build the slide by stacking several books together, then rest
another book on the stack creating a slide.

5. Ask the students to predict which solids will roll down the
incline and which will slide.

6. Make a large 2 piece Venn Diagram

7. Explain one circle will be for rolling objects, and the other
will be for sliding.

8. Ask the students what they think will go in the middle. (the
objects that roll and slide)


1. Hold up a solid and point to one of its faces, explain what
a face is.

2. Ask students to predict whether this shape will roll or like
down the incline on the face I have pointed to .

3. Allow them whisper predictions to their neighbors

4. Allow students to pick up their objects and go through the
same steps you did.

5. Decide as a class where to place the solids in the Venn Diagram.

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