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A Lesson plan on Geometry and Fractions




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Libby Grubb

Melissa Schroeder

Topic: geometry and fractions

Grade Level: 1 – 3

Great Activity

Name of Activity Shaving Cream Mania

Materials Needed: shaving cream, wax paper and plastic knives (optional)

Description of Activity In this activity each child is given a small pile of shaving cream. They can complete the activity on their desk or on wax paper for easier cleanup (However, the shaving cream does clean the desks very well!) Start by allowing the students to play with the shaving cream. Ask them what shapes they can form using the cream. Then instruct the children to form a specific shape and divide it in half. Allow the children to share how they did this. Then continue to divide the shape into fractions like one – fourth, or one – third. Next ask the children to find a partner. Give the pairs a problem such as “Divide your shapes into fourths give one – fourth to your partner. How much do you have left? How much does your partner have.” You – can continue to give the pairs problems. For example’ you can – have one student give the other two – fourths. This can then lead to a – discussion about how two – fourths equals one – half.

Extensions For younger children you can focus more on shapes. Allow the children to make various shapes. Then divide the shapes in half. What new shapes do you get? For older children, the shapes and fractions can become more difficult.

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