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A Math lesson on geometry and measurement





Sheila Brune

Geometry and Measurement

Topics : Two and Three dimensional shapes, measurement proportions

Grade level : Third

Objective : After reading the book Flat Stanley the students will be able to determine the difference between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.

Materials : Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown New York: Harper & Row, 1964

toothpicks, gummy candy, marshmallows, pieces of clay, starburst candy, construction paper, scissors, various two and three dimensional shapes

Book Review : An enormous bulletin board falls on Stanley Lamchop and squashes him flat as a pancake. Stanley is now 4′ tall, about 1’wide, and ½ ” thick. The story tells how Stanley;s life changes because of his new proportions, and his adventures while his brother, Arthur, figures out how to return Stanley to his former proportions.

Activity :

Introduction: In small groups have the students construct a paper model of Stanley using the measurements given in the story.

  1. Have the students determine other things that are ½ inch thick and list them on the board.
  2. Discuss the idea of being only ½ inch thick and have students decide if Stanley could really stand by himself using the dimensions given in the book.
  3. Then proceed to discuss how Stanley changed throughout the book. Introduce the concepts of two and three dimensional shapes using numerous objects as manipulatives. Have students brainstorm lists of these two types.
  4. Once students grasp the two concepts, have the students make edible models of three dimensional models using the candy listed. The students can share their models and then eat them when they are finished.

Extension Activities : The students can create their own “Stanley story” and make a model of their character using their dimensions.

Source : Braddon, Kathryn, Hall, N., and Taylor, D. Math Through Literature , (1993 ), Englewood, CO., Teacher Ideas Press

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